I feel like I'm in the opposite of a book slump. Suddenly there are all these awesome books that I've added to my TBR over the years and forgotten about and I want to read them all right now. Which is the opposite of my normal what to read next dilemma. Although it still took me over an hour to narrow it down to this one and in the end, I had to use a random number generator to pick from the fifteenth books I couldn't choose between.


But damn am I glad this was the pick. Plus, it was on KU so I even feel like that was a win. That said I feel like I'm in a college hockey era and I have no plans to leave. The biggest stumbling block for me with this book was the length. I feel like most of the books I read are 200-300 pages and when they get beyond that I worry. But there wasn't a single page in this that I skimmed.


Chase Carter was the perfect hero. Seriously he fell so hard, and there was never any doubt as to where he was in this relationship. I couldn't get enough of him and the way he loved Bailey and put her above everything. Unfortunately, he had the whole man whore thing down to an art form. But watching him become this amazing man with Bailey always at the forefront of his thoughts was beautiful.


Bailey started off a bit of a doormat before Chase stepped in and showed her the strength he saw in her. And honestly watching her bloom and stand up for herself made her incredibly likeable. I couldn't put this down and as much as I want to grab the next book in the series, I think I better wait until I have the time to get wrapped up in the pages like I did with this one.





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