Ok so the teasers for this book kicked off a massive Kings of Kroydon Hills binge because I had to read that first and then I couldn’t read The Keeper until I had this in my hands, and I have zero regrets. I am officially obsessed with Bella Matthews and her huge, crazy, family, friend, found family crew and in desperate need to go back and binge the Kings and all the other books I didn’t realise lead me to this series. I knew they were connected, obviously but when I saw this was second gen of the Kings of Kroydon Hills I thought I could just read them and come back to the others later. And yeah, I didn’t feel lost, and I knew who all the players were but I want to be in on everything. 


Although honestly if I had just read this book, I would probably feel exactly the same and would be madly stalking Bella to get my grabby hands on her earlier books. Oh, and bonus, they are all in KU so they are completely guilt free binge reading. You know other than the fact I’m hiding from the children trying to squeeze in one more chapter before adulting.


Everly & Cross were just everything. I am a massive sucker for a single dad. As soon as I see that I’m jumping on board (except if it’s the nanny) and throw in sports and growly, possessive alphas with over-the-top huge families and I couldn’t be happier. I loved the fact that Cross and Everly were so instantly attracted to each other and then as they got to know each other it was like all these little extra cherries on top. 


I was expecting some major ex drama from this book, and I was watching those pages pass wondering when the smelly stuff was going to hit the fan. So, when there was and yet there wasn’t I would never have seen it play out like that and I was kind of let down but I was also so there for it because it felt so realistic and empowering for Everly. But you know I’m a vengeful little reader and I wouldn’t have minded something more painful and graphic, even if I did think it was dealt with maturely. 


The book was hot, and I did read a few pages with tears in my eyes and a few where I kinda wanted to kick some people in some places. But I couldn’t put it down and I can’t wait to see who’s up next and hopefully by the time that lands on my kindle I’ll be all caught up.





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