I feel like I've waited for this book forever. Luckily for me I picked up this series about halfway in, so I haven't been waiting as long as some but from the first introduction to the Eden's I was hooked. And having to wait for the lovely Devney to write them was akin to torture in my brain. As soon as this one was released, I grabbed it on audible so I could listen to it while still adulting. 


The narration was awesome. I love dual narration. I have to admit since it has been a minute since I read the last one it did take me a few chapters to get up to speed on Vera. Then it all hit me like a freight train, and I was completely immersed in finding out more. Obviously, I knew her secrets and back story from Vance but to hear it from her was heartbreaking.


The blurb on this also tripped me up. Because I knew Matteo and kind of knew his story, but I had this image in my head of him being cold and uninterested in Vera from the way I interpreted it. Then the book started, and I didn't get the feelings I was expecting. Matteo was so there, and I couldn't get enough of him.


Plus, I love that Vera saw Matteo so beautifully yet was so clueless at the same time. Although the same was true for Matteo. So, once they got on the same page it was beautiful. The whole relationship progressed so perfectly I couldn't find fault in any of it. There was no drama or misunderstanding.


The way everything was tied up with her father was super cute. Not the perfect romantic ending you might expect but just beautiful closure of the chapter. And I loved the epilogue, but that bonus epilogue was the perfect cherry on the top. Thankfully I still have a few of Devney’s other books on my TBR so I won't go crazy waiting to see what's up next now that our Eden's are all done. Next generation wouldn't be a bad idea though, just saying.




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