Ah. I'm so mad with myself right now. I saw the promo for The Wildcat and had to read it. Then I saw it was book two in the second generation. Having a little time up my sleeve and the OG generation being on my TBR I thought I'd start there. So, I binged all of the Kings of Kroydon Hills and loved it. Then I waited until I had The Wildcat on my kindle to read this book. Now I'm just kicking this off and I'm realising that I should have read the other books that I added to my TBR for “after”. Because it's all of those guys second generation too and I am feeling so left out. Ah.


Ok I just finished and yeah. I can't keep the second generation straight. I've only read a third of the first gen but I'm obsessed and want nothing more than to hide out and binge every book right now.


Lindy and Easton were everything. And from the second that Lindy realised she had gotten everything she wanted and more this book was hot AF. I think when Lindy said Easton was the perfect mix of growly protective and supportive of her choices, she best summed him up. The way Easton loved Lindy was awesome.


But watching Lindy come into her own to stand up for her relationship with Easton was just as perfect. I had all the feels, and I spent half the book waiting for the drama to kick me and when it did hit it was perfect. I couldn't put this book down and I can't wait to pick up the next one.





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