After spending hours trawling through GoodReads looking for a book to read I stumbled over this one and I’ll be honest I was really on the fence. Dark romance isn’t hugely my thing but every now and then I just need a morally grey hero to get the over-the-top possessive alphaness I’m craving. After reading a few reviews I was even more unsure and then I saw the review from Tori, and I was sold. Jump over to amazon and it’s on KU and I immediately jumped in, and I was as obsessed as Lincoln.


First, I want to say if you are thinking of reading this and are maybe a little sensitive, read the reviews and the warnings and remember this is fiction. Yes, there's a lot of things in this book I would be locking my daughter away in a safe place to get her away from this guy in real life. There were a few times I thought if he just used his words, he would probably get the same result with a lot less creepiness. But then Monroe did have her own issues that Lincoln had to overcome to get the result he was after so I kind of got it.


Lincoln and Monroe were super cute together and I loved that there was no doubt how they were feeling. No games, no other person drama, just straight up over the top possessiveness and a touch of crazy, stalker obsession. Now I need to figure out what to read next because I inhaled this in one sitting.



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