I am a big fan of Megan Erickson, she has written some seriously hot books. And to be honest I actually kept getting caught on the title so when it popped up on KU I grabbed it. Sadly the editing is terrible and driving me completely insane. I want to pull out a bright red pen and scribble all over my kindle screen while screaming.

As for the story, well so far so good. It's a little wordy and I would love them to get to the point a bit faster and the editing is not helping that as every page has three or four spare words. Grrr.

I am loving Lavin and as it's all told in his POV we are seriously getting to see how sweet he is. Bianca is still a bit of a mystery but I guess we will get there.

And now that I have actually finished the book I  can safely say the characters were good. The secondary characters would make for some great stories of their own (wink wink, nudge nudge) and the story was good. I am a bit upset because it should have been great. It had all the elements to make it great but it just missed it.

That said I absolutely would read on if this did become a series and I even volunteer to edit it. And to be fair I am sure a lot of people could overlook the things that annoyed me to really love this book. For me, in my picky, cranky pre period bitchiness where even my family avoid me it made me a little stabby. But meh it was free and I liked it so 3.5 stars.


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