I have wanted to read this series since I picked up my first Kylie Scott book but I am not a massive fan of rockstar romance. I don’t know why not I used to love them so even though I knew I would love them I just seem to have a mental block on picking them up. Then I read Play and loved it and I already knew I liked Mal so I thought I would jump straight into Lick so I one clicked it and then it sat on my kindle for months.

And the annoying thing is everyone told me how much I would love it, I knew I would love it yet I let it grow dust bunnies. So when I got it as part of a challenge I finally picked it up and by the end of the first chapter I was so hooked.

Anne was perfection. I really loved her so hard. She was so caring and giving and even though she was all fan girl over Mal she didn’t let him walk all over her. And man I can completely understand going fangirl over Mal.

Mal was like an overgrown puppy. He just bounced right on in there without thinking and didn’t think past what he was chasing after at the time. He was super sweet but he was also super clueless. Luckily that combination worked for him and it helped that he was hot as hell and owned his fuck ups.

And of course I loved seeing the stage dive crew and I am seriously looking forward to when I finally get around to the next book in the series.


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