This series absolutely works for me. It has the feels, the giggles and the heat so perfectly balanced. And Wyatt describing the town as Stars Hollow is so stuck in my head and has just added to the magic for me. And the buzz wheel blog just makes me want to pack up and move into the world.

Of course the Bailey family is awesome and I love them all to pieces and if you read the first book you know Brooklyn's fiance was a tool no one liked. But damn he was such a dick. Luckily the family banded together to help her over her heartbreak and misery.

And then there was Wyatt. Hmmm I have to admit I am a little reserved about my feelings for him. He was perfect for Brook but I kind of felt he needed to put more effort into himself which I know is weird but he just felt like he left a lot of unfinished business in his wake.

But the writing was so good and the characters were great and the story as a whole was awesome and of course it has left me absolutely dying for the next book in the series to find out which twin owns the baby. Can't wait!


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