Oh my god I am such an idiot. Why don't I ever read the book information for these books before my grabby hands get me in trouble? So I just realised that this is book 4 in a series. And obviously not being aware of that I haven't read the previous books except for the first one, which I really enjoyed and was what got me hooked on this author in the first place. But damn I hope this can be read as a standalone.

Ok crisis averted this is a great standalone and even though I have gone back and added the other two to the TBR mountain I am relieved I haven't missed anything story altering. Also with my goldfish memory I will be alright.

Now back to this book. So for the first 50 percent there was a lot of smoking hot chemistry followed by a lot of steamy encounters and I was fully on board for it just to be a whole heap more of that. In fact I was really enjoying it. Both characters were really likable and the few secondary characters were good value.

But then bam major plot twist and story line and my I will just read a few chapters to help me sleep became a can't put it down until I see how it all plays out. And I was kind of a little judgey when I first finished thinking it was a little unrealistic until I realised I am kinda living part of that. And so as not to ruin it for you I am going to let you find out for yourself. Your welcome.

So yeah overall this was a fun book with loads of chemistry and laughs that still managed to have a fairly decent story without being wickedly long. It ticks a heap of my boxes. And now I have to Google WTF salamanders are. Oh and I really have to say that although the cover is smoking hot and I love it, it really doesn't work with the characters maturity.


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