This is the first book I have read from this author and I have to wonder what rock I have been living under. I saw this on my GoodReads feed before it was released and added it to the pile. When the dreaded what to read next hit I saw this one had been released on Kindle Unlimited, checked out the reviews and started reading and got so deeply sucked in I couldn't put it down.

The writing style reminds me of a less wordy Kristen Ashley and I loved it. Eden was so kick arse, I immediately loved her and was so invested in her I actually didn't like Lincoln for a while for not immediately seeing how amazing she was. But then I suppose i fg he had it would have been a pretty boring book.

Lincoln had me warming up to him pretty quickly. He had the whole, possessive, over protective alpha thing nailed. And even when I wanted someone to slap him upside his head I still wanted him to win over Eden and give her the forever she deserved.

And now that I have discovered the writing of Jessica Prince I am off to stalk her books to answer today's dreaded what to read next. 


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