My husband is a mad baller, our son has also taken to it in a major way. So much so that we have some form of basketball related activity six days a week. And I have to admit their obsession has rubbed off on me and has started to affect my reading tastes. I have always loved college sport romances but normally it's football or hockey. However when I read the blurb for the first book in this series I had to have it and I freaking loved it so hard.

Then I got right onto the second and third books and loved those so when book four finally came out I one clicked it. But for some reason it just didn't appeal until finally I decided I had to read it. I got about 10% in and decided it just wasn't for me. And it really upset me. But when this book came out I got my grabby hands out and dove in without checking the blurb.

And I am so glad I did. I fell so hard for this story. Both Mica and Lance had moments where I loved them and moments when I was annoyed or didn't particularly like them and I think that's part of why I so thoroughly enjoyed the story. They were real, they made me feel and they felt like 20 year olds trying to figure out who they were.

It had me flipping the pages so fast to see if the drama was going to be fixed in a way that would make me fall for them or would make me stabby. And while Lance had some major issues that I wasn't a massive fan of the way he dealt with them I still loved the way he sorted his shit. Mica had her own issues but I felt she was blowing hers out of proportion and if not for the way she loved Lance I probably wouldn't have liked her.

But in the end I loved them both and I seriously can't wait to get my hands on the spin off. As soon as Sierra started to set that up in here I got so excited. Can't freaking wait.


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