This month I made the mistake of over committing on book reviews, what I didn't take in to account was the awesome books being released and the group challenges I had committed to. But I got a small gap and couldn't help but read the last letter by Rebecca Yarros and when I put that down in a big puddle of tears I knew I needed something fun and uplifting. So I jumped on GoodReads and this popped up in my feed.

And when I went to the kindle store it popped up again in KU so I took that as the sign from the universe and played hooky from my commitments because that blurb sounded like everything I could want. And honestly it was great. The perfect pick me up. But it wasn't completely what I expected, although luckily for me it was better.

Both characters were great and I really loved that there was so much history between them that gave their relationship so much depth and background. There was a lot of emotion and genuinely great story writing for a book with laugh out loud moments.

The background characters added so much to the whole thing as well and I am now dying for the release of the next one. And my curiosity has me dying to know what Beck wrote in that damn tweet. I am absolutely kicking myself that I didn't already sign up for it.


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