I am such a temperamental reader that I can never just sit down and read a book.  I have to be in the mood for that particular book or theme and if it's part of a series I can't start it unless I know I will have the time to read them all. The flip side of the issue is if I get hooked and love a series then have to wait ages for the next book I find it really hard to pick up the series again.

I read so much that six months between books could be 50 to 100 books so I tend to forget who everyone is and how they connect. I just know I loved that series and a vague sense of familiarity. In the case of this series it's been 3 and a half years so I kept putting it off.

Now before I actually comment on the book I will say I still didn't really want to read it right now. But I signed up for a challenge and this was the one of four that caught my eye. And it took me maybe half the book to get invested. But I know it wasn't any fault of the books.

So after I started reading the book I realised that it really wasn't going how I expected it to from the blurb. In fact I went back to GoodReads to make sure I was reading the correct book. I was. Just I had an idea of what I was going to get and it didn't happen.

Once I got over that and just enjoyed the words on the page I really liked Chester and Finn. They had such great banter and I really liked watching them fall in like as much as seeing them realise they had fallen in love.

And even though I honestly don't remember a thing about the series other than how much I truly loved it I am so glad I went back and read this. Although hopefully the next book comes out soon and it doesn't take me another three years to get there.


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