So I actually really did end up enjoying this book but weirdly, despite the fact that I enjoyed it and couldn't put it down all I can focus on are the things that bugged me. Maybe that's the Bianca Del Rio show I just walked out of making me want to call everyone names ( love her).

Like how for the first 30% Sutton was a complete doormat and I wanted to slap her. But then she finally grew a backbone only to lose it when it came to her father. Thankfully it came back strong at the end and having her acknowledge the fact she got it from Roark helped.

But omg her dad. He was such a hypocritical douche and no one called him out on it. Seriously hold up a freaking mirror.

I loved Roark so hard. But then I am a sucker for an arsehole and an accent. He actually knew he was a jerk and made no apologies for it. Watching him man up and reading his diary entries and his inner monologue was so much fun and made me fall for him so hard. He made the story for me.

The ending with Sutton’s dad felt a little rushed and I would have liked a little look into Roark and Sutton’s future but overall it was a solid 4 star read that I highly recommend, just be prepared for a little hair pulling frustration.


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