I am slightly obsessed with sports romances and basketball is the major sport in our household. And having been enjoying the cocky hero world I was really keen to read this book. Because all these different worlds have been helping me discover some awesome new to me authors.

Being as this was my first read from this author I wasn't really sure what to expect. And honestly, I don't think it was for me. I found the writing a little stilted and repetitive. I also questioned how much the author knew about basketball with some of her word choices.

In saying that she wasn't flat out wrong in her terminology it just wasn't how avid fans and / or players talk. But maybe that's just the American / Australian translation and that's how you all do say it and I've not picked it up.

Now as for the characters I just didn't connect with them. They both started off feeling a little shallow and I couldn't relate to them. I did warm up to them more in the last maybe quarter of the book but by then I just wanted to see what the twist was going to be.

Having said that it all could be me too. I'm having a terrible week and I've been a really cranky bitch. I didn't hate the story line. I think the premise was good and I got where both characters were coming from. Both Bentley and Jolene had their moments. But for me right now this just wasn't the book.


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