This one is a little hard for me to review. I used to read a lot of Jenika Snow's short over the top alpha books as breaks from angsty, serious reads. And I love them. So, when I saw this one pop up I was excited. I didn't really know what to expect since this was my first peek into Black Mountain Academy.

I kind of got exactly what I wanted from this but it was a little bit less than I was hoping for. However, I'm pretty sure that is just from my expectations and not from the actual story. I kind of forgot that these were high school students. And i just wanted Reese to go all caveman alpha.

Reese did kind of do the alpha growling, mine thing that I love from Jenika it just wasn't completely over the top and that’s what I was craving when I picked this book up. Other than that, it had everything I would expect from a new adult, high school romance.

Keira was the typical sweet and understanding virgin, good girl. But I still liked her and enjoyed getting to know her. I am going to have to grab a few of the other books in this series after the little teasers I got in here and hopefully I'll get a few more new authors to explore. 



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