Every time I read one of these books, I swear the newest hero is my favourite but this time I really mean it. Dillon was just everything you could want in a book boyfriend. Which isn't surprising since Ilsa wrote him.

Dillon was so sweet and sensitive without being too soft. He had his growly, possessive moments. Sure, I would have liked more but he didn't need them. With how attentive and caring he was, I fell for him so hard and I loved him for Serena.

Serena had been through the wringer, but she was made of some seriously strong stuff. And sure, she had a bit of baggage but she wasn't a drama queen or sitting around feeling sorry for herself. And she worked so hard for everyone around her. I really couldn't get enough of her. Dillon and Serena were so hot together, yet also totally adorable. #couplegoals

Obviously Ilsa nails college sports romances and I am loving this series of standalones. The epilogue was one of the best I've read in a while and I really hope we get the other couples stories soon because I loved my Theta ladies and obviously I would love more Waylon boys. 


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