I can't believe that is the end of the series. I want more. I don't know who I want but I'm really going to miss the D'Angelo boys and June and Abby and Lucas. Although getting that series epilogue and seeing them all set off into their futures did give me the warm fuzzies. Maybe I need to let them go and just enjoy the time we had because it was an awesome series.

This one didn't feel as connected to me. To be honest I was expecting Hayden's story and I was a little disappointed not to get it. But I did seriously enjoy this story. And the timing seems like one of those spooky coincidences. Because Hollis feels like she is going to change the world for women's rights at a time we are all mourning the loss of one of the biggest advocates for women's rights.

It's absolutely horrifying the amount of truth in this story in regards the things that we as women have to put up with to get the same opportunities as our male counterparts. But the strength and determination of Hollis was a thing of beauty and something all girls should aspire to.

Initially I wasn't a fan of Cannon. I did not see what Hollis saw in him other than the pinstripe pants. But he grew up and he learned a lot in both baseball and life. And he really grew on me. By the end of the book I loved him.

This book was perfect. And even though I am already missing the series, this book ended it well. Now I just have to wait and see what Ginger Scott has planned for us next.




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