When I started this series I wouldn't have thought we would get Evan and Seth together. There was such a history of animosity between their families and Evan was so outside of the Rooftop crew.

Although I guess I probably should have seen it coming with the way these ladies like to work all the tropes into their series. But even if I had of anticipated them getting together this was so entertaining and I couldn't put it down.

Evan had always been in the background and I had always thought she was a sweetheart. All of her dreams had been put on hold so she could step up for her family. And yet every time we saw her she was happy and helpful and caring and I wanted to steal her away.

I loved having Seth as the main character. He had put up with so much teasing from the guys about his profession and taken it all in stride. Everything about him was beautiful. But damn he was so much deeper than I was expecting, which just made me love the way everything played out with him and Evan.

This has been such a great series. And I can't wait to see all of the crew get their happily ever after. 



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