I've been reading a lot of these books based in authors world's recently in an effort to read more new to me authors. And I have found it awesome since they are set in world's I already enjoy. It gives me a good exposure to new authors while giving me more of the world I love.

I don't really know what about this book made me pick it up. I am normally pretty careful about the dead spouse thing. It's a hard tight rope to cross. But obviously something about this book called to me.

This story was good and I'm not sure if it's because my head is a mess right now but I completely missed that twist coming towards the end. I really thought it was going a completely different direction.

Oliver's history as a heartless hunk was completely unfounded when it came to his feelings for Violet. In fact I'm so glad that we didn't get too much of his "before" character because I really liked his after and I have a feeling I might have felt differently if I'd seen him as the heartless hunk.

Violet was really well written. She was in the perfect place to meet Oliver. Even if they both went into their arrangement with different ideas of where it was all going to go. She didn't let her feelings on what she thought she should be feeling dictate her thoughts or actions and I liked her.

The writing felt a little formal and some of the word choices made me feel like I was reading something more high brow than anticipated. The book was the perfect length and I'm intrigued enough to go check out the book that was alluded to through out this one.



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