So, I may be a little stalker addicted to Rebecca Jenshak’s writing after devouring the Smart Jocks series. And when this one popped up and it was a college hockey book I was totally there for it. I pretty much went in blind but as it progressed it had me so sucked in, I didn’t want to put it down. And a huge part of that was that as it progressed so much from Rebecca’s previous books came flooding back as well as getting this awesome new story and a heap of amazing new characters.


To start with this is set at the same university as the Smart Jock’s series, which tbh, kind of didn’t matter to me. Secondly there was the fact that our beautiful Heath is none other than Nate’s baby brother. Which really did matter to me because we got to see how things were progressing for Nate and Chloe as well as catch up on some of our other favourite Jocks.


But all of that aside is the fact that these two characters were beautiful and I loved them both. Ginny was a little beaten and bruised emotionally when we first meet her but she quickly realises that some things happen for a reason and she didn’t get annoying or whiny. She just was upset for what she expected to happen but moved on and enjoyed her new normal and I loved her so much for that. I admit I was scared we were going to have a bit of an emotional drama queen when I first started reading but I soon saw more of the story and realised that Ginny was all things strong, independent woman. Also she had valid reason’s for being upset and she took Taylor’s advice and shook it right off.


Heath. Oh Heath. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop with him for about half of the book. He was too perfect a boyfriend for a man who didn’t know how to spell commitment. I was sure he was going to do something to knock him off the pedestal and he kind of did but he fixed it so damn fast he barely wobbled up there. He really gave great boyfriend. He was sweet and caring and everything you want your daughter to date. 


I really am praying that Rebecca plans to make this into a very long series because she gives great secondary characters and I need Mav to fall and I am already anticipating Adam and Reagan’s book. I just want more please.




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