I've developed a bit of a taste for these forbidden fruits so when I got a BookBub notification about this one releasing I went on over to KU and grabbed it. I didn't bother reading the blurb I just jumped right in and it all because obvious pretty quickly.

This was a Covid inspired brothers’ best friend and I was there for it. I liked Shelby from the beginning. Partially because I can relate to the lack of impact Covid quarantine has had on my day to day life. But mainly because she was just your average, down to earth, slightly chubby single chick. She wasn't obsessed with how she looked or what anyone thought, and I liked that.

Derrick not so much. I don't have an issue with the whole man whore thing and I wasn't worried it was mentioned a time or two. I just didn't like him. He felt really one dimensional. And the book felt like it ended pretty abruptly without an actual conclusion. I have gotten used to epilogues and happily ever afters and this felt like someone snatched the book from me and told me to guess. Oh well, hopefully the next one is as good as the previous ones.



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