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Title: Dirty Daddies
Genre: Contemporary Romance Anthology

TWENTY-FIVE panty-melting romances starring Daddy Doms who command total submission . Penned by some of the best authors in the genre, there's a Daddy for everyone!

Whether you like Cowboy Daddies, Boss Daddies, Dark Daddies, Military Daddies, Stern Daddies, Shifter Daddies, Alien Daddies, or LGTBQ Daddies, this deliciously naughty collection of all-new stories is bursting with HOT, raw, Daddy Dom action that’s sure to leave you breathless.

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Featuring Stories by NYT, USA TODAY and International Bestselling Authors:

Eden Bradley | Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale | Maren Smith | Rayanna Jamison | Allysa Hart

Allie Belle | Pepper North | Golden Angel | Kara Kelley | J.M. Dabney | Aubrey Cara | Brianna Hale

Emily Tilton | Laylah Roberts | Maggie Ryan | Stella Moore | RJ Gray | P.D. Carter | Adaline Raine

Delta James | Nicolina Martin | Carly Marie | Meredith O’Reilly | Felicity Brandon | M.A. Innes 




The Signing by Maggie Ryan



That was what this was. As he continued to nibble and bite my poor flesh, my nails tore tiny bits of bark off the tree, the flakes falling to land on the top of his head. With the suction of his mouth drawing a nipple deep, I forgot all about being the good girl. I completely dismissed the constricting rules of society. I embraced the devil who danced a jig when I threw myself into sin, riding his erection like the wanton criminal I was. 

“’eeese,” I begged, the fabric serving as a gag making the plea almost indecipherable.

“Please what?” he asked, lifting his head, his eyes finding mine. “Please stop?”

“’oooo,” I said, adding a shake of my head to make sure he understood I had no desire for him to stop. “orrrrr…” 

Frustrated, not to mention so desperate that my entire body ached, I began to dry hump him faster… though dry was definitely a misnomer as I was sopping wet.

“Naughty girl,” he said, a simple press of his body pinning me against the trunk again. “Do you want my cock?” he asked. 

“esss!” I said, though we both knew that was a rhetorical question. Still, I nodded vigorously in case he had any doubts whatsoever.

“Then ask politely,” he said, pulling his hips back to assure I could no longer gain any friction on my own.

Huffing and rolling my eyes a bit, I attempted to spit the cloth out of my mouth only to discover sodden cotton swelled when saturated. 

Finally taking pity on me, he chuckled and tugged the shirt free.

Ignoring how gross it was to feel the wetness of my own drool against my chest, I licked my lips. “Please.”

“Oh, babygirl, I know you can do better than that.” Trusting his bodyweight to keep mine secure against the tree, he began to pluck at my nipples with one hand, dropping the other to slide between our bodies to slip over my clit. “Tell Daddy what it is you need.”

I was off balance. I was embarrassed. I was torn. I was shocked. And, let’s face it, I was way too horny to really care about anything but getting his cock inside me.

“I need you to fuck me.”

“Please,” he said, his finger moving to circle my clit that jumped with each of my heartbeats.

“Please, fuck me.” Batting my eyelashes, I made the request as sweetly as I could as if that would disguise the fact that I was acting like a harlot.

He dropped his finger lower to slide it between the lips of my sex. “Who do you want to fuck this sweet little pussy?” he asked.

“You!” I practically growled, doing my best to arch my hips forward. He’d removed his glorious cock but if I could only arch another fraction of an inch, I was sure I could sheath his teasing finger inside me.

“Try again,” he said, denying me my prize as he moved his hand again, only to bring those wonderful fingers together to slap against my poor empty pussy.

“Ow!” I yelped, the sting more intense than the one on my nipple had been and yet drove my need to the next level. 

“Daddy,” he prompted.

I was about to ask him where this was coming from when those same fingers that had slapped my sex began to caress the sting away. Deciding that I didn’t care, that I’d call him King of the World if he declared it so, I said, “Daddy Dearest, fuck me already!”

He chuckled and shook his head. “We are definitely going to have to work on your manners, little girl.”

It was a damn good thing that the moment he thrust his hips forward and drove his cock into me, that he covered my mouth with his. As he swallowed my scream of pure unadulterated pleasure, I heard voices and these weren’t in my head. He rocked his hips back and forth, pinning me hard to the tree as he fucked me while visitors to the arboretum moved around us. Thankfully, these were law-abiding citizens who stayed on the designated paths. The sounds of their conversations drifted along the air to mingle with the muffled sounds of one very naughty girl getting fucked quite thoroughly.


Yes, while failure to walk the straight and narrow path might have gotten me a stern warning from a park ranger, I was pretty positive that if we were caught having wild monkey sex in the great outdoors, it would cost me more than a slap on my wrist—or my pussy for that matter.


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