Well I thought since I made it through Release without needing to hit the mini bar I would jump right on into Reclaim. Big mistake. I have spent half my night ugly crying and wondering why I willingly let these authors reduce me to this.

Obviously since I had just put down Release I knew Nora's story was going to be hard. But omg that poor girl, the hits just kept right on coming. And every time I thought we were turning a corner to happiness the rug was pulled right out from under me. The strength of Nora was beautiful to witness but I kept praying that she wouldn't need more.

And beautiful, sweet Camden just kept right on proving how much he was there for Nora. I adored his quiet worship as he tried best to navigate how to help Nora without inflicting more pain on either of them. And then just when I thought we were finally there he threw us another curve and I wanted to hate him for it.

By the time I got to the end I can't honestly say if Aly is a wonderful writing genius or just Satan. But I couldn't have put it down if my life had depended on it and I ended the book completely in love with Camden and Nora. I love how everything ended with both couples and I have to admit by the time I put it down I was ready to forgive Aly for the torture she put me through. And now I just want her next book.


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