I keep seeing these everyday hero world novels and thinking they sound great. But I couldn't go passed this one with that blurb. As soon as I read it I knew it was going to be the perfect, quick read with an alpha hero, what basically amounts to insta love and then just to sweeten the deal they throw in a dog. And I just love it when they include the dogs in the story like they are main characters and that was exactly how Luce was written.


So, I haven’t read the Everyday Heroes books but they are on my TBR, and I am new to Jessika Klide but again she is on my TBR. So when I saw this one I figured it was the bext of both worlds, because these kindle worlds that are so popular right now are like my crack. And I keep going on and on about it but geez I love them, even when a particular book doesn’t work for me it’s still the perfect introduction to a new author or a new world.


As for this book Jocko was all the things you think of when you hear the words Navy Seal. And having his K9, Luce, along for the story just made him that much better. What’s hotter than a guy who loves his dog and treats him like his much loved child, a guy and dog that can and will take on the world to protect the love of his life. Cue the swooning.


Jorja’s feelings towards Jocko just made the story that much more realistic. And watching her have her eyes reopened to their history and seeing how beautiful the future she was being offered was going to be had me loving her as much as I loved Jocko.The chemistry, the openness of communication and lack of guile or games made this a really hot, fun, sweet book to read.


Now I really can’t wait to read more of both the Everyday Heroes novels and world novellas and Jessika Klide’s writing.


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