Aaahhhh I can't believe there is only one more book in the series, I'm not ready, I need more. Malachi has definitely been the one I was most looking forward to and Lani didn't disappoint. Because Sierra was perfect for him.


From the minute I picked this up I couldn't put it down, I read it in one sitting (sorry, not sorry fam). The story and characters were just that good, it completely sucked me in and I had to know everything I could find out about them both. And see more of Grans crazy shenanigans.


There were so many secrets between these two that they needed to uncover that I couldn't take my eyes off the page incase I missed them discovering it. All of the secondary characters have been very interlinked and it's just added to the awesome.


But the best thing about this book was that it felt so completely fated between Malachi and Sierra. Even though a lot of it was their own actions putting them in the perfect place to meet the other, the coincidences just made it all feel that much more magical and I loved it.


And as much as I am dying to read the next book I really don’t want this series to end.


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