I was super excited to see that the second book in the Trophy Boyfriends series was Trace “Buzz” Wallace. I loved him so much in the previous book and I was hoping he would meet his match and cop a heap of trouble from Noah and Miranda as payback for all the Buzzness he put them through because man is he a character and a half.


Even in his own story he was larger than life. In a way that felt like it would be painful if you didn’t know how absolutely caring and sincere he could be. Everything about Trace has you either wanting to smack him in the head or tear his clothes off and climb on. And his relationship with Hollis was on point.


Hollis was utterly unique in her world. She had spent so much time being on the outside but close enough to know how it all worked and to know that she wanted more. And Trace was so much more. I could honestly wax poetic about how much I loved this couple. Although I do have to admit I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get more of Mirada and Noah. And I was really hoping for a little more drama from his craziness but then again what I got was pretty perfect so I am not complaining just wanting more.


Of course, getting Trace 2.0 in his brother Tripp’s story next should be just as entertaining. And we can only hope that his family will be slightly more hilarious especially since I am sure Trace will give him a hard time for coming second. I really can’t wait.



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