After finishing Hard Fall, I had this idea of how Tripp was going to be. I really liked Buzz and all of his quirkiness and I had an impression that Tripp was going to be just like him but maybe more competitive. I also thought Buzz was going to be more present in this story. And I was wrong on all counts. And i kind of missed Buzz and his kind of crazy.


Because to be honest Tripp was kind of hard to relate to. He was so moody and closed off and came across as a bit of a selfish jerk. Luckily for me the book was told in dual point of view and we got to see that he was just a socially awkward idiot.


Chandler wasn't who I would have expected for Tripp but I warmed up to her and I loved that she was her own kind of socially awkward. And I really loved that she held Tripp accountable for his actions. 


Chewy was super cute, but the star of the show was Tripp's neighbour, Molly. She was hilarious. And having her write the epilogue was perfect but now I am dying to get my hands on the next book in the series.




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