When the Bailey's series finishes, I wasn't ready to see it end. It has felt a little like watching my own family grow up. I have loved watching them all fall in love and get married and have babies. But I have especially loved G'ma Dori and Ethel conspire and plot and plan. They were hilarious and I am really looking forward to the next series where they turn their eyes to Ethel's family.


In this one we got the points of view of a handful of G'ma Dori's great-grandchildren. And through that we saw the planning of her 90th birthday party and of course caught up with the goings on of all the family.


It was great, light-hearted, sweet fun. I could not have been happier. It really felt like it closed off the Bailey series in such a perfect way and at least we all know we can go back and visit any time we need.



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