After being wiped out for 3 days with a migraine I got up this morning still feeling like arse and a little screen sensitive so I thought I would try an audible book. First can I say, man, I managed to make that a mission and a half. I didn't want one that was too long, I had to do a sample of all of them to see which voices I liked and finally I had to figure out WTF I felt like reading. Yeah I was dumb enough to consider content last after finding a heap of books that passed the first 2 barriers only for me to not be feeling them.


Finally, I picked up Kinda Don't Care because, Lani Lynn Vale and those narrator's. Damn those were some soothing, easy to listen to voices. I really need to find more of their books. Now, I don't really listen to a lot of audio books because I need something to do with my hands and because I find my eyes wandering and dragging my attention with them. Also because with toddlers being toddlers I am always having to put it down and pausing always makes me miss a minute, and my temper from being disturbed.


Rafe and Janie were great together. They were both very interesting and despite the fact that there was that slight issue of them both being engaged to other people I was so invested in their relationship. Although I really wish I had read some of the other books first because I need to know all their stories. I love as much as I hate that all these characters are woven throughout all of these series, cause I keep reading them backwards.


As always Lani delivered an amazing story that sucked me in from the first page until the very end. And the voices were on point and I'm so glad I finally committed to this for my day of rest and recovery because this was the perfect read. It had enough going on to keep me completely wrapped up in the story and a heap of really random laugh out loud moments. Loved It.


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