Christmas Puck

Alley Ciz


It was so bittersweet reading this novella. For one it reminded me how much I love my BTU crew but it also reminded me how very far away the next book is. And it was so short. I mean really Alley you know how needy we all are.

Obviously it was great to catch up with Jordan and Jake but I wanted a super long extended visit. I miss the full coven and not even getting a tease of them in this novella was just mean.

I feel like such a toddler having a tantrum because I only got 1 ice cream but seriously WHERE'S MY OTHER ICECREAM?




Blue Christmas

Ginger Scott


It's been so long since I read the falling series and I can't even pretend that I remember them. But if Ginger Scott writes it, I'm going to read it so here we are. Add in the fact this anthology is supporting a cause I hugely support run by a woman I massively admire, it was an instant one click.

This novella was super sweet and even though I have forgotten everything about it I still got warm fuzzies reading it. Obviously it was pretty short and I read it with a huge smile. Now I just wish I had time for a reread.



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