Title: Love on the Rocks
A Holiday Springs Resort Series Novel
Author: Kim Bailey
Genre: Contemporary Workplace Romance
Release Date: November 6, 2020


Melina Morales is a good girl. 
A hardworking, ambitious, follows-all-the-rules girl. Maybe that’s why her coworkers call her the ice queen. She might care if it weren’t for the looming pile of debt and her family depending on her. But with her dream job on the line, she’s determined to succeed, no matter the sacrifice. 

There’s just one tiny, six-foot-something problem... 

Zane Wilder is a bad boy. 
The Holiday Springs bartender is the guy everyone turns to for a good time—especially the women. Except, lately he’s been unsatisfied. Maybe it’s got something to do with the drunken kiss he shared with Melina, but since he’s not interested in commitment, he figures there’ll never be a chance to find out. 

When Melina agrees to one date in return for a favor, they both quickly realize there’s something between them. But it’s going to take Zane a lot more than his fun-loving ways and easy charm to convince the good girl to give him a serious shot. 

This time, he’ll have to risk his heart. 

Escape to the romantic paradise of Holiday Springs and warm up with your next happily ever after.



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What the hell am I doing? 
I’d walked out of work early, without telling a soul, jeopardizing both my credibility and career. Sure, it was only one hour, my bosses were understanding, and I could easily make up the time, but I’d never acted so irresponsibly in my life. 
Never…except that one other time. 
But that was the effect of Zane light-my-panties-on-fire Wilder. 
I knew it was a risk to walk into the Bear Claw. I knew it, yet I did it anyway. In my panic to find Lydia, my feet had foolishly carried me right into the path of the one man who’d single-handedly ruined my desire for all other men. 
Damn him. 
Why did he have to be so attractive? 
It didn’t matter that he wasn’t my type or that his man-whore reputation kind of disgusted me, whenever he was around, I forgot all the reasons he and I were a terrible idea. All it took was a glimpse of his broad shoulders, dazzling smile, and confident swagger, and I was a puddle of hormones, writhing on the floor. 
But the worst part? I knew what I was missing because I’d already had a taste. 
It happened a year ago, not long after I’d lost my mother. It might have been the grief, or my best friend’s push to party and get drunk. Or maybe it was just the lure of the irresistible man paying attention to me. Whatever the reason, I’d ended the night with my hands up his shirt, admiring the solid cut of his bare abs, while exploring his mouth with mine. 
I wasn’t even that intoxicated. Tipsy, yes. But still, I knew what I was doing and could have stopped it. I just didn’t want to. Heck, I was the one who’d started it. 
And it wasn’t just because he was insanely gorgeous and I was a desperate mess, either. No. It was because I liked him. Because when he found me crying alone on the back porch, he hadn’t been a jerk about it. He could have ignored me, walked away, or told me to cheer up—we were at a party, after all. But he didn’t. With one look, he understood the thing I needed most was comfort. A shoulder to cry on. 
He’d given me exactly that; hugging my chilled body next to his and listening for hours while I poured out all my heartache. When I snuggled closer, he held me tighter. And when I kissed him, he consoled me with his wicked tongue. 
He was a rock. I leaned on him. 
And it felt so damn good.


Kim Bailey is a born procrastinator and sarcasm junkie who gets her motivation from coffee and good books. She enjoys lively conversations, usually with imaginary people, and can often be found daydreaming at work. 

Most of all, she loves writing about love.

Her romance stories range from small-town contemporaries to action-packed suspense but always have a high heat level. She writes strong-willed women, broody alpha males, deep family bonds, and fiercely passionate lovers.

Kim proudly became a USA Today Best-Selling Author with her contribution to Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology. This charity anthology raised over $5000.00 for St. Judes Children's Research Hospital.



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