Being a massive Aly Martinez fan I grabbed this on KU as soon as it was released with plans to jump straight into it. But then I remember Aly does this cute thing where she rips my heart open, kicks it around for a little bit then puts it back laughing so I thought I would hold off until I was emotionally capable of handling it. But you know 2020. So here I am forever later finally reading it because Reclaim releases next week and has spoilers for this and I HAVE to read Reclaim because I signed up for an advanced copy before I realised what it was.


Luckily for me I’m a spoilt princess and hubby sent me away for a few nights so I pulled up my big girl panties, opened the bottle of sparkling and grabbed the tissues. I do have to confess that I read a few reviews while I was gaining the lady balls to read this and I got nervous. But after having read it I’m thinking the reviews I read were from people with a lot different reading tastes to mine because Aly rocked it.


Before reading this book I wondered about Thea. Why would you sit around waiting for a man that told you to move on. And after getting to know her and Ramsey I get it. Ramsey was golden to the very depth of his soul. And he loved Thea so much that no matter the time or space between them she knew it and felt it and I loved that about their dynamic.


The history between these two was heartbreaking and beautiful. They never got the chance to grow up together and have all those firsts that they deserved but instead got this horrible injustice to deal with and they both dealt with it in different ways but both trying to do the best for each other. Thea’s strength through out the whole story was shining through so strong that I actually got mad at Ramsey right along with her for his actions. Then I would see things through his point of view and understand, still want to smack him in the head, but understand.


This whole story had me holding my breath wondering how these two tortured souls could come out of the flames together. But they did and they did it stronger than ever. And now I am so glad I get to dive straight into Reclaim and relive some of it from Nora’s perspective and get my heart shattered by all she will go through to get to her HEA.


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