So, I've been a little hooked on the Vino and Veritas books and a lot hooked on the True North world. Even though I'm not a huge MM reader I had to dive into a couple after either meeting them in the other series or just being sucked into the blurb.


Funnily enough I remember Jon from one of the previous books, but I had no idea who he was when I first picked this up. But I soon realised that really didn't matter because he was so much more than the bars musician. And I enjoyed getting to know him and his son.


Brent was a really likable, sweet character who I felt immense empathy for. He was so long in the middle of this hurricane that had previously been his life and he couldn't see out of it. And God did my heart break for him. He just kept getting hit from every corner every time he thought he had his feet under him he took another hit.


I loved both characters and the story was good. I was dying to see all the walls drop and these two guys to get their happily ever after. And for things to be better for both of them but the story felt a little repetitive about some things. And for me personally, and I want to emphasize that most people probably won't have this issue, it was too descriptive. I kept getting distracted when it felt like it was just filler. Just because I don't care about the tile choices based on the lighting, I want to know what is going to happen with the last plot twist.


And that's a me problem. I have so little quiet reading time, I no longer want the long novels I can get lost in because two 3 year old girls are not letting that happen. So, I feel like I didn't appreciate the authors writing style enough. And I really am struggling with how to rate it. I think I'll hit in the middle and go 3.5.




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