So, I'm kind of feeling a little out of my depth here. I don't normally read very much MM romance, but I had to read the Moo U books and then that lead to a few of the Busy Bean books. And then I had to read Rainn's book, so I checked out the other Vino and Veritas and this one grabbed me.


And despite it not being my normal go to read I was completely enthralled. Gabe was such a mess, yet he was so sweet and interesting I immediately wanted to adopt him. Alec was a complete grump and yet he was so sweet and understanding of Gabe and all his insecurities that I grew to love him.


The whole story kept me from putting my kindle down as I had to see how Alec was going to get himself out of the knots he had tied himself up in. Plus, there was the slightest bit of intrigue when I could tie my hormones away from thinking about how hot Alec and Gabe were.


I'm so glad I read this book. And now I absolutely have to go stalk this author and the other Vino and Veritas books. Toodles.






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