Title: Fighter's Best Friend
Series: Crown MMA Romance #2
Author: A. Rivers
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: March 18, 2021


He’s my best friend. Emotionally unavailable. Falling in love with him is the worst idea ever but try telling that to my heart.

As a doctor who aced her way through medical school, I should be too smart to fall for Gabe Mendoza, a man who’s married to his MMA career.
For years, I’ve patched his wounds and cheered him on, but I’m tired of hoping he’ll wake up and see what’s right in front of him. I’m ready to find someone who will put me first.

The last thing I expect is for Gabe to scare off my dates and tell me all the dirty things he wants to do to me. He asks for a chance, but with the fight of his life on the horizon, his attention is divided, and I’m scared that when push comes to shove, I’ll be left alone and heartbroken.

Can I trust Gabe enough to fight for our happily ever after? Or was our end written before it even began?



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“Hey, beautiful,” Devon says, wrapping one arm around Sydney.
My eyes narrow, and I shoot a glare over her head. The guys know better than to touch her around me. She’s off-limits. But that doesn’t stop Devon from trying to rile me up.
“Hi, Dev.” She smiles up at him but doesn’t relax into his body the way she does mine, and satisfaction fists in my gut. Maybe it’s masochistic to notice these things, but I can’t help it. She’s my addiction. And if I can’t touch her the way I want, then the second best thing is to hold onto that special place she carved out for me in her heart when we were kids. I’ve never come close to losing it before, and I don’t intend to now.
“I hear you’ve been looking for a man,” Devon says, his attention fully on Sydney.
I want to wring his neck, but it’s not exactly his fault he’s goading me so much. As far as he and Jase know, I’m protective of Sydney because she’s my friend. Like a sister. They don’t realize I freak the fuck out when anyone lays their hand on her or flirts with her because she’s mine. At least, in my head she is. In reality, she’d probably laugh her ass off if I said as much.
Okay, she wouldn’t. She’s too nice for that. But she knows I can’t give her what she wants, and based on how she reacted the other day, she wouldn’t hesitate to remind me of that.
“Just starting the search,” she replies, her tone tense. She doesn’t know how I feel about her, but she senses that her love life makes me a little crazy and probably doesn’t want to antagonize me when we’re smoothing things over. “I’ve been on a couple of dates but haven’t met anyone I want to go on a second one with yet.”
Covering my mouth, I try to hide my relief. Based on her expression, I fail.
“It’s a pity Gabe outlawed every guy at the gym, or you’d have plenty to choose from.”
Devon seriously has a death wish.
Sydney laughs. “That doesn’t bother me. Dating someone from the gym could get messy if it went wrong. I’m best to keep my romantic life separate from my friends until I meet someone I can see a future with.”
“Smart move,” Lena says. “Plenty of options online, anyway. No need to go fishing in the gym’s pool.”
I take Sydney’s hand, give it a squeeze, and swallow past the boulder in my throat. “You’ll find the right guy. He’s out there, and once he finds you, he won’t let go.”
“Aww.” Her expression softens, and emotion shines in her eyes. “Thank you.”
Releasing her hand, I set mine firmly on my lap before I do something stupid like raise her palm to my lips and kiss it.
“No problem. It’s what you deserve.”



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Releasing June 24



A. Rivers writes romance with strong heroes and heroines who kick butt and take names. She loves MMA fighters, cops, military men, bodyguards, and the protective guy next door who isn’t afraid to fight the odds for love.



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