Ahhhhh!!! I seriously struggle with writing reviews for an Aurora Rose Reynolds book. Firstly, she is one of my absolute, favourite authors ever. And this is because she writes heroes and heroines that I love that I can relate to and that I'm sure I would be friends with in real life. You know if they were real, I'm not actually crazy. But secondly because her stories are awesome, and I can't put them down.


So, I just finished this one and I have to say I really missed the drama and excitement of the Mayson family. Even if Tide had all the best elements of the Mayson men with his growling, possessive, protective alpha personality. Throw in his complete love and devotion to the beautiful Olivia and I loved him. But where's the kidnapping and murders of the Until series?


Alright so this one was hardly boring. And I couldn't put it down, so my whiny baby routine is probably unnecessary. I just really miss my Mayson family and had to get them in there. Aria was an absolute sweetheart and I loved her and Tide together. I also loved her with Gia and Colton and Olivia. She was so warm and open and awesome.


Obviously, I loved the book. I knew kind of what I was getting when I picked it up. OTT alpha male, sweet heroine, awesome writing, minimal relationship drama, insta love and an interesting storyline. And I wasn't disappointed. The only issue is I finished it and have to wait forever for the next one.



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