I adore Kristen Ashley and her Chaos series, and the 1001 nights series is awesome. Everything about this has been great. I have been introduced to some new to me series and authors and gotten some new stories from series and authors I already love.


I don't think there could ever be enough of the Chaos series. And each of these novellas have been perfect additions to the crew.


Archie and Jagger were typical Kristen Ashley characters. The way they met was so unique and sweet and I couldn't get enough of them together. And as always, the posse of friends in Archie's circle were a perfect complement to the story. Plus, we got more of the Chaos brotherhood.


I loved getting more of Hound and Keeley and Graham's boys. I really wasn't expecting Jagger's story to be quite as emotional as this one was. Which was short sighted of me considering the history. No doubt the next series from Kristen Ashley will be just as addictive as this one. And I am so there for it.






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