This whole true north world announcement has been so exciting. First I thought I would just read the moo u series, but then I had to know what was happening at the busy bean. Then I had to find out more about the vino and veritas books and now I just need more.


A lot of these authors have been new to me authors which I love. Because their writing style has been perfect for this project and every book has been awesome. And Sarah Mayberry has just been added to my author stalking list.


Beck and Haley were really deep, and real characters with flaws and faults that made them really relatable. And the amount of emotion and the depth of the underlining story took me completely by surprise. I really was expecting something light and surface level.


But everything about both characters came was completely understandable. And I loved that they were mature and reasonable. They were dealing with a variety of issues and they did it openly and with great communication. And after a recent binge of new adult romance it was a really great change of pace.


Now I am jumping into the next book in the series and loving seeing Audrey and Zara and Roddy.



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