I knew going into this one that it was part of a trilogy, but I just couldn’t help myself. If Maya Hughes writes it, I’ve got to read it. Especially since she writes the best new adult, sports romance. Seriously she has the exact recipe to perfectly balance the sexual tension, angst, drama, and emotion. So, I look forward to reading these books so much even though I know there is a high chance I’m going to cry like a baby.


And yeah, I cried. But in my defence, I was so invested in both of these characters that I felt their pain. Dare was so perfectly broken that no one could see the cracks in his king of campus persona, and I wanted someone to see his pain and fix everything that was going wrong for him. Then there’s Bay. Oh My God, Bay. I loved her. She was living her own personal hell in high school, but she had so much to be sad about outside of high school, but she wasn’t mopey or whiny. She was just getting on with it biding her time to get the hell out of Dodge.


They were the most unlikely of couples, but they worked so well to smooth each other’s broken edges. From the first conversation I loved Bay. She wasn’t at all impressed with who Dare was because he wasn’t anyone special to her. And she was just as anonymous to him as she was to everyone else in the school. I loved that they each had a lot going on in their lives in the background of their relationship. But I really would have killed to know more about what the deal was with Bay’s extracurricular activities and her Mum’s feelings towards it.


I couldn’t read this fast enough, and at the same time I was dreading every page turn. Because now I have to wait to get my hands on the next one. And then again on the one after that. And I really need to know what is going to happen now. I need to see Dare grovel hard and make some serious amends. I need to know what has happened since graduation. I just need MORE.





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