Before Penny Reid I had never heard of cosy mysteries and I definitely had no intention of reading one. And then she said Cletus and Jenn were the main characters and I couldn't get a hold of them fast enough.


Everything about the Winston family has been epic. Every single one of them and their significant others has brought so much, not just to their own books but to the series as a whole. So, when we got to puppet master, Cletus's book at the end of the series I really didn't want to let them go. Then this spin off popped up and I love it.


It has all of the Winston's, along with all of Cletus's shenanigans and Jenn's quiet calm with a side of mystery and drama. And aside from keeping me guessing from the first page it also has so much romance and heat. Seriously the way Cletus loves Jenn is swoon worthy. But the fact that Jenn is so besotted with him umm ….. sausage had me giggling and fanning my face.


I have loved watching their relationship continue to develop while enjoying the mystery of the moment. I really can't wait to get my hands on the next one and see if some of these loose ends get tied up because there are still so many questions, I want answers to that I just know Penny is loving dangling there for us to obsess over while we impatiently wait for the next instalment.





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