I feel like I'm on a complete whoops baby binge at the minute and it's all just been a very happy coincidence. Because honestly, I just saw that Sara Ney had a new Trophy Boyfriend book to read and I was there for it. I didn't know it was Tripp and Buzz's little sister, which I probably should have, I just dove in.


And I couldn't come up for air until I got to the end. And the epilogue was so gooey sweet, I put the book down with a big grin on my face. Although to be honest I'm pretty sure I wore that for most of the time I was reading the book.


True was a pretty cool main character, which obviously she would have to be to put up with Buzz her whole life. And I loved how much of Tripp and Buzz we got all through the book, and Molly because I seriously love that girl. But Mateo made the whole story. He was fan yourself hot and sooo sweet and just mmmmm. And he had his own interfering, overbearing family issues with his 6 sisters.


I really loved it. There was so much fun, and family and it was so drama free I just got to kick back and smile and laugh and watch it all unfold. I can't wait to see what we are getting next.





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