I read the blurb for this book and couldn’t have been more excited to get my hands on it. A whoops baby from a one night stand between a mature couple is like gold to my reading wishlist. And then you add in the fact it’s one of the Busy Bean series so we get the input of Audrey, Zara and Roddy. I’m loving the fact that each of these books has been a new employee who has used it as a stepping stone to the next chapter in their lives. Because that is the type of position it is but also because I just love them having this step happening in the World of True North.


Scarlett and Bull were a little bit of a different story. Firstly the fact they are both in their 40s was awesome. They had had life experience and both been burned by different things in their lives which brought them to this crossroad collision a little jaded and with a fair bit of baggage. Scarlett was a lot more realistic and actually very self aware when it came to her issues. Whereas Bull just kind of annoyed me with his.


Maybe I am not the right person here because I honestly thought his previous dating history wasn’t that big a deal so I wasn’t sure why it kept being brought up. It sounds like a fairly normal dating history for someone who isn’t 18 and isn’t married. So when he used it as an excuse to close himself off and not trust Scarlett I wanted to slap him and tell him to suck it up.


Luckily Scarlett was more patient and mature than I am and she accepted his weaknesses and wanted to help prop him up. And to his defence he did show his feelings, he just wouldn’t admit to them. The care he took looking after Scarlett and his immediate all in attitude towards the baby even with all the other things going on around them did endear him to me.


The ending and epilogue was awesome and I can’t wait to dive into more of this world as every book in this series has exceeded expectation and added to my new authors to stalk list.




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