Elle Aycart is one of those authors that I accidentally lost track of as I waited for a new book of hers to be written what feels like forever ago. I was in major lust with the Bowen’s and obviously loved the writing and the characters but then there was a wait between books and they just dropped down my TBR to the point that I forgot what I loved about them. But for some reason I saw Grease Babe while surfing KU and added it to my library. Then by chance I needed a rom-com for a reading challenge so I figured what the hell.


Despite the fact it has been over 5 years since I have read any of these books I was instantly remembering why I loved them so much. Because damn are they funny. And hot. And still have so much emotion that I can’t help but connect with most of the characters. I just really wish it hadn’t been so long since I had last visited these guys, I felt like I vaguely remembered them but I wanted to be in on all the inside jokes.


It took me a while to warm up to Adrian. He was a bit of a pompous arse to be honest. He was pretty judgy and his opinions of Rachel’s femininity made me steaming mad. Every single time he thought about her it was to compare her to some barbie type ideal he had. Seriously we all know those women and yeah some of them aren’t that bad but most of them are so obsessed with their own image they can’t walk past a mirror. And they don’t think of anyone outside of how it affects them. So why he would compare her is beyond me.


Rachel was everything you could want in a friend. And there wasn’t a single thing about her I didn’t love. She was caring and loyal and she worked her behind off and looked after everyone around her. Luckily, Adrian pulled his head out and turned into a jealous possessive caveman and he wasn’t half bad at the dirty talk. The secondary characters just added to the story and I am going to have to make sure the rest of Elle’s books don’t slip down my TBR before I get the chance to read them.




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