I feel a little bad for saying this but I kind of wish I had stopped after I read the first two books. Not that I didn't like the last three but I adored Wyatt and Rylan and their books were great. Then I didn't really like Beau's and I was looking forward to Ford's and it just kind of missed the mark for me.


I had a feeling that Ford's heroine was going to be Stephanie. We had gotten a bit of their history through all of the books, but I didn't really know the details. And everything I knew of Ford throughout those books I wanted him to have epic. Then we got to his book and I loved him even more and I was even more sure he deserved epic.


Stephanie just wasn't epic enough for Ford for me. Her actions from their initial relationship were selfish and I probably could have forgiven her that because of her age. But then she was so hot and cold, and I just found her so annoying. I wanted her to fight for Ford and be all in, but I didn't get that from her.


The epilogue with all of the crew and their kids was cute and a nice ending. And I was glad to see how happy Stephanie and Ford were. The drama was good, and the book was well written, and I might read more of the author's books in the future if I find my big girl panties again.



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