For years I've had The Bombshell Effect on my TBR and the other month, I finally read it. Because I came across The Crush and read it, not realising it was part of a series.

Then I binged the Washington Wolves series and The Ward Sisters because Karla Sorensen writes some awesome sports romance books. Then I went to start this series and just needed something different.


So, I went off and read random other books until today when I saw this on my kindle from grabbing it on KU months ago and I just felt like it. And it honestly wasn't what I expected. The writing was brilliant, of course, and there was loads of Wolves characters we have already met but my god was it emotional.


When we first saw Dominic, he was a bit of a dick. And having met Faith in the beginning I feel like I've watched her grow into this amazing caring, sweet, grounded individual who deserves all the good things. So, I was a little nervous, and then Dominic just kept showing up and being awesome.


I absolutely loved the character growth Dominic showed. But I loved even more that he was such an amazing person who was hiding under the acehole persona. He and Faith were perfect together, and I wish we could have gotten a whole lot more of them. But I'm going to KU to add the next book to my kindle so fingers crossed I'll get more of them in that.



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