I'm in kind of a book slump at the moment. Without having books that I HAVE to read; I can never decide what to read. So, I spend hours combing through Goodreads looking for just the right book and none of them hit right. I want to read some of my favourite books again for the first time and that's not possible. So today as I sat in the car waiting for one of the kids driving myself insane over what to read, I went to the oldest unread book in my kindle and bam I was obsessed.


River Wild gripped me from the first word and had me crying in the carpark. And despite the fact it was so heavy with such horrible subjects it was told beautifully. It showed the strength of human nature, not just to endure but to survive and flourish. The way it was written was perfect. I got a visceral reaction every time we went back to River’s past.


And despite the reason that Carrie had ended up next door to River she was never a victim. She was so strong and determined and just beautiful. The romance was a slow burn, but the emotions were strong and sweet and I loved watching them grow.


My only complaint is that the ending feels a little bit unexplained. I know we got closure, but I feel like a lot of people would have had a lot of questions and I would have liked to see the author wrap up the fall out a little more. Because obviously Carrie has been discovered and the door to her past life is just hanging open. I have so many irrelevant to the story questions.


The epilogue was cute, but I would have loved more. Like it felt a bit anticlimactic. I waited for the whole book for this big thing to happen and it's all over with, in less than 10% of the book. I don't know maybe I'm just a miserable C U Next Tuesday.




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