I honestly don't remember how I stumbled across this book but when I checked it out it was in KU, so I grabbed it to read later and then ended up reading it immediately. I saw a few reviews that complained about the hero, and I seriously think those people didn’t actually read the same book as I did because the hero in this was awesome.


Emily & Ryder had their story told in kind of two parts. It's their initial meeting and relationship when they are seventeen and look, things happened and really what do you expect? They are seventeen. Then they meet up again six years later and guess what? More things happen but now they have some emotional maturity and adult stability, and we got a really kick arse book.


I loved Emily. She was sweet and caring and despite having a disability she was super independent and brave and knew her own mind. I liked that she didn’t listen to what everyone said or cower to what her parents wanted, she made up her own mind on things and worked to get what she wanted, and I couldn’t get enough of her.


But Ryder was the ultimate bad boy gone sweet for his girl. Oh, he had me from the first page. And yeah, he may have done something I wasn’t a huge fan of but if you don’t regret anything you did when you were a teenager there’s something wrong with you. Also, if you can’t forgive someone for making the wrong decision for the right reasons when they don’t have an adult's self-assurance we probably won't be friends. Because man did he love Emily hard. Add in the possessive, protective, growling, dirty talking adult he became and yeah, I loved him too.


This whole book was sweet and emotional and hot and suspenseful and just awesome. And then the teaser at the end had me racing to GoodReads where I discovered I have read the previous series and have the next series (Ryder’s work husband's book is a part of) on my TBR. So, I’ve bumped that up, let's hope I don’t forget about it for another few years, because this author is great and I don’t know how I keep forgetting that.



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