As soon as I saw the sign up for a new Sarina Bowen book, I was on it, I didn't read the blurb, I didn't know if it was part of a series, I was ready for it. Then I started seeing teasers and I realised it was a hockey book and I was even more excited to get my hands on it. But the icing on the cake was finding out it was a MM book. No-one does MM like Sarina Bowen. Perhaps that's because hers were my first but I just love them. If I didn't know better, I'd think she was writing lived experience.


Although in saying that if she writes it I'm buying it and reading it before it's fully downloaded on my kindle. Seriously all of her books have the perfect balance of emotions, drama, humour, and just amazing stories. Add in characters that I end up caring way too much about for fictional characters and I am a little obsessed. Not in a scary restraining order kind of way, promise.


Hudson and Gavin had the best hearts. They were just so sweet and loving and supportive and caring, and I loved them. But they also had wicked hot chemistry and the sex scenes were mmmm. Then top it off with realistic life problems and non-problems, just the everyday navigation of a new relationship and a new city. I would be remiss if I didn't warn you to be careful of when and where you read this though as I had a lot of surprise laugh out loud moments. As well as a few times my eyes seemed to spontaneously leak.


I really struggled to put this down to adult but every time I picked it up again, I immediately picked it right back up because each time I was away they were all living in my head rent free. And of course, we got awesome secondary characters, and I don't just mean the Bruisers and family we already know. I'm praying that we get books for so many people.


I do have to say there was a moment at the 70 or 80% mark I was waiting for this magical resolution. And it didn't happen. But I couldn't even be sad about it because what happened was just so much more realistic it made it perfect. Although that happened consistently throughout the book, you would think I would have stopped trying to guess the next plot twist, but it sure did make the aforementioned adulting easier.


The only terrible thing about this book is it's finished and now I have to pretend to be patient while we wait for the next book. And as we all know waiting sucks.



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