This book is a massive contradiction of thank God we finally get Leo and Mary AND omg I can't believe that's the end of it. These guys and their amazing women have been so awesome I don't want the series to be done. In fact, don't some of our other boys deserve to find their very own HEA.


Ok so I'll circle back to the begging for more after I tell you obviously you have to read this book. If you've read any of the others, you probably already have this one pre-ordered. But if you're a little hesitant because let's be honest no one is expecting much from Leo - fucking - Hernandez in the boyfriend department. And despite watching the sparks fly from him and Mary I would not have been shocked if she got him to hold a can of gasoline and a match before she ever let him touch her.


Honestly after the teaser at the end of the last book I thought for sure Mary would sleep in her car before she would stay at the pit. But then as I got to see them in their own stories, I fell head over heels for both of them. Who knew Leo could have so much depth to him and on top of that give amazing boyfriend. I really, really loved their history and seeing it from both of their points of view just made it all the more heart-breaking and yet perfect.


I love that Mary and Leo - fucking - Hernandez were both pretty mature about talking things through once everything was out on the table. There was no jealousy or other people drama, which I'll be honest, surprised me. And everything that happened I really wasn't expecting. And yet I devoured every word of it. I laughed, I cried, and I cheered and then I kept right on reading.


That epilogue was golden. I adored seeing everyone all together and everyone growing up and starting their lives. And like I said the only negative is those two little words. The end. Because I am not emotionally ready to walk away from all these guys. I think Braden and Kyle need books please or even Blake. Please. Ok ok I'll stop but only because I am sure the pro hockey books will be worth waiting for.



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